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Navigating the process of obtaining Permanent Resident (PR) status in Singapore can be complex, requiring a thorough understanding of eligibility criteria and meticulous preparation of documentation. To assist individuals in assessing their eligibility for PR status, offers a user-friendly platform designed to provide guidance and insights tailored to Singapore’s immigration requirements. Here’s a comprehensive guide to using to check your PR eligibility:

Understanding PR Eligibility Criteria

Before beginning your PR application journey, it’s crucial to understand the eligibility criteria set forth by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) of Singapore. Eligibility factors typically include:

  • Employment History: Stable employment in sectors contributing to Singapore’s economy.
  • Income Level: Demonstrating a sufficient income to support yourself and potential dependents.
  • Educational Qualifications: Academic achievements that align with Singapore’s economic needs.
  • Family Ties: Having immediate family members who are Singaporean citizens or PRs.
  • Age and Health: Factors that contribute to your potential economic contribution and healthcare burden.
  • Contribution to Community: Involvement in community activities or societal contributions.

Using for Eligibility Check

  1. Access the Website: Visit to begin the eligibility assessment process. The platform provides a straightforward interface designed to guide users through the necessary steps.
  2. Input Personal Information: Fill out the required fields with accurate personal information, including your age, educational background, employment history, and details about any family members who are Singaporean citizens or PRs.
  3. Answer Assessment Questions: utilizes a series of questions to evaluate your eligibility based on the criteria set by the ICA. These questions cover various aspects such as employment stability, income level, educational qualifications, and community involvement.
  4. Receive Assessment Results: After completing the assessment, generates a personalized eligibility report. This report outlines your likelihood of meeting the PR criteria and provides insights into areas where you may need to strengthen your application.
  5. Review Recommendations: Based on the assessment results, may offer recommendations on steps you can take to improve your eligibility for PR status. This could include enhancing your educational qualifications, increasing your community involvement, or securing stable employment in critical sectors.
  6. Access Additional Resources: often provides access to additional resources, such as guides, articles, and frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to PR applications in Singapore. These resources can help you navigate the application process more effectively.

Benefits of Using

  • User-Friendly Interface: The platform is designed to be accessible and easy to navigate, even for those unfamiliar with the PR application process.
  • Personalized Assessment: Receive a tailored assessment of your eligibility based on your specific circumstances and background.
  • Insights and Recommendations: Gain valuable insights into areas where you can improve your eligibility and increase your chances of a successful PR application.
  • Access to Information: Utilize resources and guides provided by to educate yourself about PR requirements, application procedures, and best practices.

Conclusion serves as a valuable tool for individuals considering applying for Permanent Resident status in Singapore. By leveraging its user-friendly platform and personalized assessment features, applicants can gain clarity on their eligibility status and take proactive steps towards strengthening their PR applications. Whether you are exploring PR options for career advancement, family reunification, or long-term residency goals, provides the necessary resources to navigate the process with confidence and clarity. Start your journey towards Singapore PR status today with and pave the way for a secure and prosperous future in this dynamic city-state.

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