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As Singapore’s leading immigration service, we help individuals to get their Singapore PR application approved.

Leverage on our vast experience and intimate knowledge of the process to get your Singapore permanent residence now.

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Tired of applying for your Singapore PR again and again?

Trust our strong track record of successful Singapore PR applications!

We will help you get your Singapore permanent resident status in the shortest possible time. As every client has a unique story to tell, we will help you to craft a compelling and personalized application. By engaging us, you will maximize your chances at a successful Singapore PR application.


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Hassle-free process. We will do all the work for you.

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Unlimited re-submissions for life. Leverage on our experience and knowledge.

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Guaranteed 100% accuracy. Ensuring an application with no mistakes.


Our Process

We will guide your through every step of the Singapore PR application process

  • Step 1

    Quick chat to get a sense of your current situation

  • Step 2

    Follow-up email to request for some information and documents

  • Step 3

    Audit and preparation of the cover and recommendation letters

  • Step 4

    Submission of application

  • Step 5

    Sit back, relax, and wait for the results


How to apply for singapore pr

Your options for becoming a Singapore permanent resident

Since 2017, the ICA stopped accepting physical applications because of the growing number of applicants. As such, all PR applications must now be done online via the e-PR system.

This also means that the ICA has stopped conducting face-to-face interviews, making the approval process more efficient, but also more clinical.

Without the advantage of an interpersonal meeting, everything that an applicant wants to put across to the ICA must now be reflected through the documents submitted online.

Making sure that your application stands out has become a lot more difficult.

However, you can trust us to ensure that your application stands out amongst the thousands of applicants.

Our proven methods will help to greatly improve your chances of getting an approval for your Singapore PR application.

Here are the 3 schemes through which you can obtain your Singapore Permanent Residence:

1. Professionals/Technical Personnel & Skilled Worker scheme (“PTS scheme”)

2. Global Investor Programme scheme (“GIP scheme”)

3. Foreign Artistic Talent scheme (“ForArts scheme”)

Each scheme will have its own process and set of conditions and requirements for eligibility.

In recent years, Singapore has seen an increasing number of Singapore permanent residents. 

While there are thousands of applicants every year, the application process for each applicant may not always be the same.

In most cases where an individual is eligible to apply for permanent residence in Singapore, the individual is usually allowed to include his/her spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21.

Since the introduction of a variety of schemes to encourage interest in the Singapore PR status, many foreigners with diverse backgrounds have chosen to settle down in Singapore. 

Considered to be one of the most developed and economically stable countries in the world, one can understand the allure of being able to call Singapore home.

While most foreigners tend to prefer working in Singapore for a few years before making an application, it should be known that there are other avenues for obtaining a Singapore PR status.

So… let us help you to settle down into your new home seamlessly.

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Why our clients trust us


Chris Kim

Cryptocurrency Trader

Tried applying for my Singapore PR twice, but got rejected both times. Then I came across OLLO, and they helped me to get my application approved.

So yes, highly recommend their service!

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Grace Robinson

Graphic Designer

So I heard from friends about how difficult it is to become a permanent resident in Singapore. But to my surprise, OLLO was able to get my PR application approved the first time.

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Joy Amatmontree

Muay Thai Gym Owner

My PR application was finally approved because of Team OLLO’s dedicated service and support! They were very meticulous and professional through the entire process. Very satisfied!


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