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Metawave Immigration is a consultancy firm with a specialized expertise in the Singapore PR (Permanent Residence) application process.

With extensive knowledge and experience, our team of professionals will guide you through every step of the PR application process, providing you with effective solutions that will give you a competitive advantage.

Why Engage Metawave Immigration?

1. Save Time and Effort

Speed up your PR application process!

The Singapore PR application is a long and painful process.

You will have to compile a lot of documents and filter its information… 

…that can be very, very time consuming.

BUT, if you engage us:

All you will need to do is to throw all the relevant documents at us, and we will distill and filter out all the essential information needed for the application.

2. High Approval Rate

Leverage on our deep knowledge and experience of the PR application process.

From the numerous applications that we have facilitated, we have built a strong understanding of how to get an approval.

A good tip:

There are benefits to leaving out certain details or even including other miscellaneous details to increase your chances of getting an approval.

3. Complete Audit of Documents, Forms, and Information

No mistakes with your documents and forms – 100% accuracy!

We will do a complete audit of all your documents, forms, and furbished information… 

… to ensure that there no entry errors, and that absolutely nothing is missed out.

First application being the most important application, it’s imperative not to have any documentation and entry errors.

Through expansive experience with the application process, you are guaranteed not to be automatically rejected due to any errors.

Our Methodology for PR Applications

Here’s the process we use to help our clients become Singapore permanent residents:

1) Friendly chat

We’ll start with a quick phone call to get a sense of your current situation and what you have tried so far. No hard selling. Promise.

2) Follow-up email

If we think we can help you, we will send you a follow-up email to request for a list of documents. We will review the documents, filter for essential information, and perform a deeper evaluation to enhance approval probability.

3) Pre-submission

At this stage, we will perform a complete audit of all your documents, essential information, and forms. This is to ensure that are no missing documents, that all forms are properly filled up, and that we have all the required information for submission.

4) Execution

Right before submission, we will notify you. And with your acknowledgement, we will proceed to submit the PR application.

5) Wait for results

Sit back, relax, and wait for the result of the application.
When approved, congratulations, and we will celebrate together with you.
Otherwise, we will do a re-submission for you (up to 2x) – FREE.

apply for pr in singapore

Application via the Singapore PR Schemes

In recent years, Singapore has seen an increasing number of permanent residents. 

While there are thousands of applicants every year, the application process for each applicant may not always be the same.

In most cases where an individual is eligible to apply for permanent residence in Singapore, the individual is usually allowed to include his/her spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21.

Since the introduction of a variety of schemes to encourage interest in the Singapore PR status, many foreigners with diverse backgrounds have chosen to settle down in Singapore. 

Considered to be one of the most developed and economically stable countries in the world, one can understand the allure of being able to call Singapore – “home”.

While most foreigners tend to prefer working in Singapore for a few years before making an application, it should be known that there are other avenues for obtaining a Singapore PR status.

Here is an overview of the various schemes through which people can obtain permanent residence in Singapore:

1. Professionals/Technical Personnel & Skilled Worker scheme (“PTS scheme”)

2. Global Investor Programme scheme (“GIP scheme”)

3. Foreign Artistic Talent scheme (“ForArts scheme”)

Since 2017, the ICA stopped accepting physical applications because of the growing number of applicants. 

All PR applications must now be done online via the e-PR system.

This also meant that the ICA had stopped conducting face-to-face interviews, making the application process more efficient, but also more clinical.

Without the advantage of an interpersonal meeting, everything that an applicant wants to put across to the ICA must now be reflected through the documents submitted online.

Making sure that your application stands out has become a lot more difficult.

However, with Metawave, you can trust our expert consultants to ensure that your application stands out amongst the thousands of applicants.

Our proven methods will help to greatly improve your chances to getting an approval for your Singapore PR application.

Why Our Clients Trust Us

We know for a fact that first time PR applications are your best chance at getting an approval. 

Past applications have shown that — subsequent applications after an initial rejection have significantly lower chances.

Why risk getting rejected and damaging your future applications when there are expert specialists like us around?

We will employ all the knowledge and experience that we have in the PR application screening process to develop your profile as much as possible. 

We can prepare additional supporting documents and produce a compelling, personalized cover letter and/or recommendation letter crafted specifically for your case.

We can confidently say that by engaging us, you are maximizing your chances at a successful PR application and taking the right step towards planting your roots in Singapore.

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